General Announcements

Announcement: The Highlander Accessibility Rule

The majority of Highlander players (and those keen to enter the format) agree that format accessibility is an issue, so in the interests of longevity for Highlander, The Committee is announcing The Highlander Accessibility Rule. The Highlander Accessibility Rule, aka “No RL Bonus Point” states that: “If your deck contains no cards on the Reserved List, you are entitled to an additional Point.” This rule is effective as of July 1st 2022. Why this particular rule?  For established players who own and play with Reserved List cards, Highlander remains essentially the same. For those who do not (yet) own Reserved… Read More »Announcement: The Highlander Accessibility Rule

7 Point Highlander Committee Position

We would like to announce a new vacancy on the 7 Point Highlander Committee. The Committee welcomes applicants from all areas to apply for the position, which is open until the end of April 2022. The Committee will form a shortlist based on responses to selection criteria below, and shortlisted applicants will be contacted regarding next steps. Summary of the role The Highlander Points Committee manages the health of the format by curating the Points List. Key responsibilities include attending regular meetings as well as liaising with the community via a variety of media. Selection Criteria We expect to have… Read More »7 Point Highlander Committee Position

WOTC & Inaccessible cards in 7PH – Secret Lair Drop Series

Hey 7PH community, We, along with leaders in other community-driven formats, have taken notice of the unprecedented move by WotC to print mechanically unique cards in limited-print products (specifically, Secret Lair Drop Series: The Walking Dead). These printings range from unplayable in the current landscape of 7PH to reasonably playable. None of the cards in the release in question are what we consider “format staples”. While the points committee agree that the principle of these new printings is a bad thing for the game if not kept closely managed, at this point in time we will not be taking any… Read More »WOTC & Inaccessible cards in 7PH – Secret Lair Drop Series

Committee Position Announcement

Well, after quite a few delays and a lot of discussion, we’re here to tell you about our new committee. We had about a dozen people put themselves forward in the end, and a lot of really excellent candidates amongst them. We settled on a final 2 who we were having some difficulty deciding between, and so we picked both. Feel free to insert your taco related memes here. Those two people are Jimbo Dowling from Melbourne, and Nathaniel Kok from Toowoomba. If you don’t know them, Nathaniel Kok is an ambassador of the 7 Point Highlander format in regional… Read More »Committee Position Announcement

Official WotC announcement for all constructed formats

We are sure you’ve already seen the official Wizards of the Coast announcement on this, and other community formats around the world including the Commander Rules Committee: “Effective June 10th, 2020, Wizards of the Coast is removing seven cards from all their constructed formats. We support the message they are sending through this action, and stand with them in attempts to foster a more inclusive and positive culture.” We could re-write this statement, but there’s no need; we also support this action and will be following suit. These cards are removed from all constructed formats, including 7 Point Highlander. 

Announcement: Companions and the Vintage Ban List

Today Wizards announced that Lurrus of the Dream-Den is banned in Vintage, which marks the first time an individual card has been added to the Vintage ban list in decades. For most of Highlander’s existence we have followed the Vintage banned list. Deviating from this tradition is a huge decision that we didn’t take lightly. However, we believe that Highlander’s unique points list nature will allow us to manage the power level of Companions without bans.  One of the great things about Highlander is that other than a handful of cards that cause tournament issues, or are not designed for… Read More »Announcement: Companions and the Vintage Ban List