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Tempo Strategies

Tempo is an overarching classification for decks that seek to apply pressure with a threat, and use cheap interaction to keep their opponent off-balance just long enough to finish the game. Here is a Podcast episode about Tempo in Highlander. Click on any of the archetype primers below to learn more about Tempo and decks with a Tempo element in Highlander.

Deck primer: UW Miracles (Bourbon and Coke) in 7 Point Highlander

Bourbon and Coke is a UW Miracles-like control deck centred on Balance and Entreat the Angels that once had bourbon and coke spilled all over it.  It started as a blue-white-red control deck around 2015, when I switched black for red to play Dack Fayden and Young Pyromancer.  Earlier I had played blue-white-black control, porting the Vintage deck with which… Read More »Deck primer: UW Miracles (Bourbon and Coke) in 7 Point Highlander

The Synergy Control Archetype in Highlander

Welcome to the Synergy Control deck archetype for 7 Point Highlander! On this page you will find all the content related to this play style. A Summary of the Synergy Control Archetype Synergy Control decks often look strange on the surface because in comparison to the Good-stuff Control archetype their individual cards tend to look somewhat weak in a vacuum.… Read More »The Synergy Control Archetype in Highlander