Points Updates

Points Announcement: Zendikar Rising

Hello players, Covid19 infections are reducing (good work Australia!) but we’re still without large tournament results to assist with improving the points list.  Like the past couple announcements we’re relying more on theory, sentiment and data from smaller tournaments. Here are the changes: Wrenn and Six is now 1 point. Shadowed for a while by the many powerful cards of 2019/2020, Wrenn and Six arguably could’ve been pointed earlier. Wrenn and Six’s ability to recur Strip Mine and Wasteland early in the game makes for frustrating play experiences. The opponent may not ever get a third land, making it very… Read More »Points Announcement: Zendikar Rising

7PH Quarterly Metagame Report – Q3 2020

Welcome to the first quarterly 7 Point Highlander metagame report! Here I will overview the data on decks and points that we have collected via the Point Results Form that players have been submitting for the last 3 months. If you haven’t already seen it, you can report your Points here. These quarterly metagame reports release around one week prior to the regular Points Announcements (which occur with each Standard-legal set release). The Point Results Form was created as our first port of call for collecting the most readily accessible data; deck strategies such as Aggro, Combo, and Control; predominant… Read More »7PH Quarterly Metagame Report – Q3 2020

Points Announcement: Core Set 2021

2020 has been a tumultuous period both inside the 7PH world and outside. Since January we’ve seen the advent of Thassa’s Oracle combo, the rise and errata of Companions, two members retiring from the committee and two new members joining. What a time! June 29 points update: No changes. Today, we’re pleased to announce an offset to the wild ride of 2020: some stability. Paper tournaments have been few and far between, we believe the healthiest move for the format is to give it some time to settle. We still discussed cards and decks. Find below our updated watch list:… Read More »Points Announcement: Core Set 2021

Points Announcement: Ikoria

Last announcement saw a major change to dominant Tempo and Combo decks in the metagame, and we have since seen a healthy balance return. Whilst there is no pressing need for Points changes in the extant metagame, the present announcement needs to address the future. The Committee rarely deem ‘preemptive pointing’ necessary, however the below is unlikely to come as a surprise. Here is the change: Lutri, the Spellchaser +1 (now 1 Point) The full detail on this change is noted here, followed by our current watch list: — LUTRI, THE SPELLCHASER +1 (to 1 Point) Whilst many Companions can… Read More »Points Announcement: Ikoria

Points Announcement: Theros Beyond Death (II)

Points announcements are usually made the Monday after each prerelease. However, due to CanCon 2020, a.k.a. ‘Highlander Nationals’ being only a week after prerelease, we made an early “no change” announcement for the ease of players preparing for that event.  We know that a large points change can disrupt invested playtesting, so have reserved this Theros Beyond Death (II) announcement for a week after Highlander Nationals. The additional time and metagame data has also assisted with placing some very impactful cards.  The changes are: Time Walk +1 (now 4 Points)Oko, Thief of Crowns +1 (now 1 Point)Thassa’s Oracle +2 (now 2 Points)Flash… Read More »Points Announcement: Theros Beyond Death (II)

Points Announcement: Theros Beyond Death

A late Christmas present is an early points announcement: No changes. We decided to get a ‘No Change’ announcement out early following a bunch of requests (so as not to disrupt established and last minute playtesting for Nationals).  This also provides us a little longer to see how the metagame shapes out with recent changes and give people some more time to brew and adapt. Then a slightly belated Theros Beyond Death points change will go live a week after Nationals.  We’re currently discussing the watch list, in particular Wrenn and Six, Oko, and Time Walk, and we’re looking forward… Read More »Points Announcement: Theros Beyond Death

Points Announcement: Throne of Eldraine

With a plethora of printings from back-to-back sets, the overall power level of Highlander has significantly increased since last update. However, the increase is more pronounced in certain archetypes. This Points Announcement increases the investment required to recur Strip Mine, which has recently led to more repetitive game states with a low level of interactivity. This Announcement simultaneously increases the flexibility (and to some degree power level) of Combo archetypes. Here are the changes:   Strip Mine +1 (now 2 Points) True-Name Nemesis +1 (now 2 Points)  Memory Jar -1 (now 0 Points) Yawgmoth’s Will -2 (now 1 Point) Tendrils of Agony +1 (now 1… Read More »Points Announcement: Throne of Eldraine

Points Announcement: Core Set 2020

Core Set 2020 July update Flash +1 (to 1) We’ve been watching Flash-Protean Hulk combo for a long time due to its power, speed and difficulty for opponents to interact with. It has recently proven itself with a large tournament win. Various 6cmc combinations for the Protean Hulk trigger have been innovated, making it more difficult to sideboard against. These things combined have resulted in the committee putting a point on Flash. No other changes. In our discussions over the last few months we have considered pointing or unpointing different cards. However, Modern Horizons adds a lot of cards that… Read More »Points Announcement: Core Set 2020

Points Announcement: War of the Spark

Changes over the last year have seen a healthy balance between the fair decks. In specific, the resurgence in Tempo and Aggro strategies has seen good competition with what was originally a heavily Control and Midrange-dominant meta. The current metagame displays a good equilibrium between the four ‘Fair’ archetypes, so the latest Points Announcement is an opportunity to assist decks on the other end of the spectrum. Here is the change: Gifts Ungiven -1 (now 0 Points) Here are the full details, followed by our current watch list:— GIFTS UNGIVEN-1 (to 0 Points) This powerful Combo tutor and engine card… Read More »Points Announcement: War of the Spark

Points Announcement: Ravnica Allegiance

In 2018 we saw a number of cards reduce in points in order to assist Combo and Aggro, both of which have seen a healthy uptick in play. This trend continues in the first update for 2019, as well as assistance for ‘fair’ decks competing in a world of Greed Creep. Here are the changes: Back to Basics -1 (now 0 Points)Tinker -1 (now 2 Points)Strip Mine -1 (now 1 Point)Life from the Loam +1 (now 1 Point) Here are the full details, followed by our current watch list:—BACK TO BASICS-1 (to 0 Points)In the past, the format was largely… Read More »Points Announcement: Ravnica Allegiance