Points Updates

Announcement: The Highlander Accessibility Rule

The majority of Highlander players (and those keen to enter the format) agree that format accessibility is an issue, so in the interests of longevity for Highlander, The Committee is announcing The Highlander Accessibility Rule. The Highlander Accessibility Rule, aka “No RL Bonus Point” states that: “If your deck contains no cards on the Reserved List, you are entitled to an additional Point.” This rule is effective as of July 1st 2022. Why this particular rule?  For established players who own and play with Reserved List cards, Highlander remains essentially the same. For those who do not (yet) own Reserved… Read More »Announcement: The Highlander Accessibility Rule

Points Announcement: Streets of New Capenna

The format is reasonably stable at the moment, and there have been few big events with intermingled communities, so we’re only making a small set of changes for this release. In addition to this, the last points update was one of the larger ones we’ve done for some time. On top of these factors, if we’re bringing on a new committee member in the near future, it felt like we should involve them in any big pointing decisions.

7 Point Highlander Committee Position

We would like to announce a new vacancy on the 7 Point Highlander Committee. The Committee welcomes applicants from all areas to apply for the position, which is open until the end of April 2022. The Committee will form a shortlist based on responses to selection criteria below, and shortlisted applicants will be contacted regarding next steps. Summary of the role The Highlander Points Committee manages the health of the format by curating the Points List. Key responsibilities include attending regular meetings as well as liaising with the community via a variety of media. Selection Criteria We expect to have… Read More »7 Point Highlander Committee Position

Points Update NEO

Points Announcement: Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

First of all to acknowledge the hit to UR decks:

Decks with the Izzet core (URx) were given a pass the previous points announcement; It was theorised that the large presence of Thassa’s Oracle combo was keeping away predators of URx decks.

Crimson Vow

Points Announcement: Innistrad: Crimson Vow

Thassa’s Oracle (+1 to 4 Points) Since it’s printing Thassa’s Oracle has quickly risen to the top as one of the best combo decks of the format. The combo itself, outside of targeted discard and counter magic, is difficult to interact with. We acknowledge that due to the prevalence of this combo, players have come up with creative ways outside of counter magic to interact with the combo. We believe this card is one of the best win conditions in combo decks – Best flash hulk, best hermit druid, best breach win con etc. We held off pointing this package… Read More »Points Announcement: Innistrad: Crimson Vow



It has been a tumultuous couple of months for 7 Point Highlander. We’ve had the biggest event the format has ever seen (200+ players, beating our previous record of 98). We’ve had a huge influx of new decks, new people, new opinions and great new ideas. In addition to this, the Committee has been discussing how we should react to ‘fire’ design decisions from wizards. Should we just accept them, or should we use the points system as a mechanism to slow the pace of power creep in the format? Ultimately we decided that – while we can’t *stop* wizards… Read More »Points Announcement: D&D: ADVENTURES IN THE FORGOTTEN REALMS


Points Announcement: Strixhaven

The committee has been keeping a close eye on a number of decks over the last few months. This points update is a conservative one and includes a change to the watch list. We have access to more and more data from players and TO’s using the point and deck list portals. However, we still only have half of the picture as some states are less diligent in reporting deck lists and tournament results. While we never solely rely on the data it helps form a better picture and adds another level of analysis for the committee in addition to… Read More »Points Announcement: Strixhaven

Points Announcement: Kaldheim

Magic has been experiencing a lot of ups and downs lately and some formats are feeling it more than others. We are trying our best to keep this format healthy and fun for new and existing players alike. Oko, Thief of Crowns is now 2 Points. (from 1 to 2) To improve the health of the format we aim to tax UGx decks, and 4c Midrange decks containing Oko. He has been referred to an “army in a can” and has seen a lot of play even in combo decks like Thoracle and Time vault. Appearing in 29% of the top… Read More »Points Announcement: Kaldheim

Points Announcement: Zendikar Rising

Hello players, Covid19 infections are reducing (good work Australia!) but we’re still without large tournament results to assist with improving the points list.  Like the past couple announcements we’re relying more on theory, sentiment and data from smaller tournaments. Here are the changes: Wrenn and Six is now 1 point. Shadowed for a while by the many powerful cards of 2019/2020, Wrenn and Six arguably could’ve been pointed earlier. Wrenn and Six’s ability to recur Strip Mine and Wasteland early in the game makes for frustrating play experiences. The opponent may not ever get a third land, making it very… Read More »Points Announcement: Zendikar Rising

Points Announcement: Core Set 2021

2020 has been a tumultuous period both inside the 7PH world and outside. Since January we’ve seen the advent of Thassa’s Oracle combo, the rise and errata of Companions, two members retiring from the committee and two new members joining. What a time! June 29 points update: No changes. Today, we’re pleased to announce an offset to the wild ride of 2020: some stability. Paper tournaments have been few and far between, we believe the healthiest move for the format is to give it some time to settle. We still discussed cards and decks. Find below our updated watch list:… Read More »Points Announcement: Core Set 2021