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SA: Dragon’s Lair Win-a-Dual (21 Players) 16/05/2021 | Deck Lists

5 Rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 8 playoffs for a Revised Tundra, plus another half-a-grand in swag for 2nd through 8th thanks to Phil at Dragon’s Lair!

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stMichael Hearn“TR45” (Mono-U Ramp)
2ndRajdeep Tokhi“Junk” (GWB Midrange)
3rd-4thSarven McLinton“Sedgemoor Fish” (BUG Tempo)
3rd-4thRussell Cutting“SProwess” (RUG Combo-Aggro)
5th-8thJames Arthur“Nono Black” (WURG Aggro-Midrange)
5th-8thSocrates Stavropoulos“Aphid” (BUGw Combo)
5th-8thLuke McGlaughlin“Burn Hangover” (Mono-R Aggro)
5th-8thRyan Hearing“Chadgeddon” (Mono-W Control)
9thTorin Kelderman“Jund Haste” (BRG Midrange)
10thSimon HallSultai (BUG Midrange)
11thDaniel TylerJund (BRG Midrange)
12thDrew CarterAEldrazi (Colourless Ramp)
13thLiam WheelanJund (BRG Midrange)
14thVaughn Schroeder“Gruul Moon” (RG Midrange)
15thRiley Beck“Oath-nihilator SIX” (RUg Combo-Control)
16thRob LarkGrixis (UBR Tempo-Control)
17thSara DaveySultai (BUG Midrange)
18thKupe Simpson“Zoo” (GRW Aggro)
19thWil Sewell“Bourbon & Coke” (WUR Control)
20thElliot Hoskin“Gruul Moon” (RG Midrange)
21stEdward Watts“RUG Lord” (RUG Tempo-Midrange)