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QLD: Toowoomba 7-Point Highlander – Competitive REL (25 players) 15/05/2021 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

QLD 7-Point-Highlander-Comp-REL-May-2021

First off a big thank you to our two fantastic Judges – Tyrone Philips and Josh Bonser for running a very smooth event. A big thank you to the heap of players that travelled for this event. We had 25 players battling it out for cash prizes over 5 rounds of swiss and a cut to top 8.


Congratulations to all our Top 8 players!

The top 4 players decided to split the prizes and play for glory and the basic land in the last 2 rounds of event. Congratulations to Aaron and Cameron (Brisbane vs Toowoomba respectively) who made the finals.  Aaron Uniacke on an Ancestral Recall “RUG Sprowess” deck and Cameron Cameron was on a “Jund Midrange” deck.

Aaron was able to defeat Cameron 2 – 0 in the finals.

I think that now puts Brisbane vs Toowoomba at 6 – 2 (respectively) for these 7 Point Highlander Competitive REL events.

Final Standings & Deck Lists

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stAaron UniackeRUG Sprowess
2ndCameron CameronJund Midrange
3rd – 4thAlana Lamburd5c Breach Combo
3rd – 4thJacob RichardsJeskai Breach Combo
5th – 8thAnthony Vanderkop5c Breach Combo
5th – 8thJonathon WilliamsJeskai Breach Combo
5th – 8thAaron SadlerJeskai Time Vault
5th – 8thRyan Kruger5C Elves

Nathaniel Kok

Nathaniel (or Kokey) is an ambassador of the 7 Point Highlander format in regional Queensland and is on The Highlander Points Committee. He is a big part of the thriving highlander community in Toowoomba. He’s quite the Jund aficionado, and loves to interact with his opponents, generate card advantage and experiment with tempo decks. Outside the game he loves sharing a beer or two with friends and spending time with his wife and son.