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QLD: Battlestation Toowoomba – Competitive REL – (32 players) | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

First off a massive thank you to our two baller Judges – Tyrone Philips and Ryan Kruger for running a great event. (A big thank you to the bunch of players that travelled for this event). We had 32 players battling it out for over $800 of cash prizes over 5 rounds of swiss and a cut to top 8. As always we saw a multitude of midrange decks, both playing fair games and some of them running very unfair combos (strip mine locks, creating 20/20 Marit Lage tokens and gaining infinite life). In the playing field we saw a grand total of 1x Thoracle Decks, 1x Tendrils Storm Decks and also had a smattering of Elves decks to round it out.

Congratulations to our Top 8 players and a special shout out to a number of the Brisbane boys who set out to take advantage of the midrange meta at these Toowoomba events. Three of their players sleeved up “Slush Puppy” a Jeskai Miracles Intuition/Gifts Combo-Control deck. Putting 2 players into the top 8 with it (both Brandon Rashad and Jonathon Williams). The crew from Brisbane really did their homework.

Congratulations to Aaron and David (Brisbane vs Toowoomba respectively) who made the finals. Both gentleman decided to split the prizes and play for glory in the last round of the cash prize event. Aaron Uniacke on “Ruggly Buggly” an Ancestral Recall Prowess deck and David Ellis was on “We Can Be Heros” a Moxen Humans/Warriors Aggro deck.

Aaron was able to defeat David 2 – 1 in the finals.

What a great way to spend a Saturday – Thank you all! (can’t wait for the next one) I believe that puts Brisbane vs Toowoomba at 4 – 2 (respectively) for these Competitive REL events.

Final Standings & Deck Lists

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stAaron Uniacke“Ruggly Buggly” (RUG Prowess)
2ndDavid Ellis“We Can Be Heros” (4c Humans Aggro)
3rd – 4thJitesh Raniga“Cowards Can’t Block Warriors” (RB Aggro)
3rd – 4thNathaniel Kok“Jund Midrange”
5th – 8thMatthew Macinante“Rebel Whopper Meal” (Elves)
5th – 8thJonathon Williams“Slush Puppy” (UWR Miracles/Breach)
5th – 8thAndre Abelita“Goblins”
5th – 8thBrandon Rashad“Slush Puppy” (UWR Miracles/Breach)

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