true-name nemesis

Points Announcement: Throne of Eldraine

With a plethora of printings from back-to-back sets, the overall power level of Highlander has significantly increased since last update. However, the increase is more pronounced in certain archetypes. This Points Announcement increases the investment required to recur Strip Mine, which has recently led to more repetitive game states with a low level of interactivity. This Announcement simultaneously increases the flexibility (and to some degree power level) of Combo archetypes. Here are the changes:   Strip Mine +1 (now 2 Points) True-Name Nemesis +1 (now 2 Points)  Memory Jar -1 (now 0 Points) Yawgmoth’s Will -2 (now 1 Point) Tendrils of Agony +1 (now 1… Read More »Points Announcement: Throne of Eldraine

Points Announcement: May 2014

-1 Wheel of Fortune from 2 to 1 -1 Necropotence from 1 to 0 -1 Summoner’s Pact from 1 to 0 -1 Memory Jar from 2 to 1 -1 Balance from 2 to 1 -1 Tainted Pact from 2 to 1 -1 Survival of the Fittest from 2 to 1 +1 True-Name Nemesis from 0 to 1 True Name Nemesis: We gave people a bunch of time to adjust to this in the meta, and many changed their lists accordingly, however, the consensus in the committee is that the card is strong enough to see play at 1 point, and… Read More »Points Announcement: May 2014