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Points Announcement: May 2014

-1 Wheel of Fortune from 2 to 1
-1 Necropotence from 1 to 0
-1 Summoner’s Pact from 1 to 0
-1 Memory Jar from 2 to 1
-1 Balance from 2 to 1
-1 Tainted Pact from 2 to 1
-1 Survival of the Fittest from 2 to 1
+1 True-Name Nemesis from 0 to 1

True Name Nemesis: We gave people a bunch of time to adjust to this in the meta, and many changed their lists accordingly, however, the consensus in the committee is that the card is strong enough to see play at 1 point, and really unfun when you can’t find one of the answers you’ve put in your 75. It also restricts players by being good enough that every blue player should play it and aggro decks are heavily encouraged to play blue for it. 

The minus’s: There are a number of cards on the list that haven’t seen play in a long time and may have been very good in the past, but not so much now. We will be keeping a very close eye on these cards to make sure they’re where they are supposed to be points wise.

Cards on the radar

Skullclamp: There is a big split on how people assess this card, people from Melbourne believe that it deserves at least one more point, people from Canberra strongly disagree. The committee could not come to a consensus on this and have therefore postponed it changing until we all agree on its value. 

Pod: Another card heavily discussed and a consensus not reached, it will be receiving much discussion over the next few months 

Green Sun’s Zenith: Good tutor, very efficient, only gets green cards, doesn’t get anything too broken except hermit druid, will continue to be looked at. 

Karakas: This card was pointed because it limited the format, and although it sees little play at 1 point, it saw too much play at 0 points. The point on wasteland should make Karakas closer to being worth paying the point.