Points Announcement: Guilds of Ravnica

Points Committee Announcement: Guilds of Ravnica Since the last announcement, Worldly Tutor and Wheel of Fortune have shown a healthy uptick in play as have both Combo and to some degree Aggro. We are still watching carefully the performance of Flash Hulk and Channel as the powerful Combo decks in the format, however this quarter’s announcement is more concerned with providing continual support to fair creature-based decks in their struggle against the strength of Control. Here are the changes: Skullclamp -1 (now 1 Point) Mind Twist +1 (now 2 Points) Here are the full details, followed by our current watch… Read More »Points Announcement: Guilds of Ravnica

Points Announcement: September 2014

+1 Skullclamp from 1 to 2+1 Green Sun’s Zenith from 0 to 1+1 Birthing Pod from 0 to 1 Skullclamp: Received an additional point based on its power level. The card is an amazing draw engine for creature decks to the ‘point’ where it can even distort card selection by being an auto include. We will be keeping an eye on how this change effects the meta, and if it sees little play afterwards we will reconsider this point change. Birthing Pod: One of the major criteria for receiving points is tutorability, Highlander is a format of 1 of’s so… Read More »Points Announcement: September 2014