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Points Announcement: September 2014

+1 Skullclamp from 1 to 2
+1 Green Sun’s Zenith from 0 to 1
+1 Birthing Pod from 0 to 1

Skullclamp: Received an additional point based on its power level. The card is an amazing draw engine for creature decks to the ‘point’ where it can even distort card selection by being an auto include. We will be keeping an eye on how this change effects the meta, and if it sees little play afterwards we will reconsider this point change.

Birthing Pod: One of the major criteria for receiving points is tutorability, Highlander is a format of 1 of’s so tutoring is pointed heavily. Birthing pod is an excellent tutor even though it has many restrictions on it. It is also a very powerful card that easily takes over games. Again, like all points changes we will be keeping a close eye on what happens with this change.

Green Sun’s Zenith: See earlier reference to tutorability. Green Sun’s is not on the same power level as clamp or pod or some other pointed cards, but it’s a incredibly consistent tutor that keeps getting better with every green creature that gets printed. Again, we will be following this card, although we suspect that it will see far less play outside of dedicated combo decks.

We would like to reiterate that we point cards based on a number of factors. We don’t point “decks”. Some people might see this as 3 points being added to bant….or 3 points added to Wan Chin flash (if you play my deck), however, as much as we take into account the placement of all cards in the meta, which includes individual decks, we don’t make pointing decisions based on pointing “decks”.