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Mystic Sanctuary

7PH Points Update WOE

Points Announcement: Wilds of Eldraine

Effective as of the announcement (03/09/2023) (Please confirm with your tournament organisers that they are using the updated points) Watch List It’s been a long time since our last points update, and a lot has happened in our format in the intervening time. We’ve had a powerful new set, several large events, and some strong metagame movements that we as… Read More »Points Announcement: Wilds of Eldraine

Points Announcement: Zendikar Rising

Hello players, Covid19 infections are reducing (good work Australia!) but we’re still without large tournament results to assist with improving the points list.  Like the past couple announcements we’re relying more on theory, sentiment and data from smaller tournaments. Here are the changes: Wrenn and Six is now 1 point. Shadowed for a while by the many powerful cards of… Read More »Points Announcement: Zendikar Rising