Luke Mulcahy

MtG buddies call me Mulch. Been playing 7 Point Highlander since 2004. Based in Victoria, Australia. Competed on the ProTour eight times. Won Mox Ruby, Mox Pearl and Mox Sapphire from Highlander tournaments, just Emerald and Jet remain! I've been writing Highlander articles since 2012. Most of them on my blog I'm on the points committee. Hit me up anytime for a chat.

Points Update NEO

Points Announcement: Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

First of all to acknowledge the hit to UR decks:

Decks with the Izzet core (URx) were given a pass the previous points announcement; It was theorised that the large presence of Thassa’s Oracle combo was keeping away predators of URx decks.

Deck Primer: Goblins in 7 Point Highlander

Deck Primer: Goblins in 7 Point Highlander

Hello aspiring warchiefs! The printing of Conspicuous Snoop and Muxus, Goblin Grandee last year has created a lot of hype. As someone who has been playing and tweaking 7-Point Goblins for two years, I thought I could share my knowledge. Note that Strixhaven was the latest set for this primer. Primer contents: My current list Explanation of role in each matchup Against midrange – cheese Against control – embracing goblin tendencies Against aggro – grinding Against combo – Earwig Squad Mana curve and points expendature Mox and Mana Crypt early game Lutri and Skullclamp late game Ways of winning (various… Read More »Deck Primer: Goblins in 7 Point Highlander

Points Announcement: Zendikar Rising

Hello players, Covid19 infections are reducing (good work Australia!) but we’re still without large tournament results to assist with improving the points list.  Like the past couple announcements we’re relying more on theory, sentiment and data from smaller tournaments. Here are the changes: Wrenn and Six is now 1 point. Shadowed for a while by the many powerful cards of 2019/2020, Wrenn and Six arguably could’ve been pointed earlier. Wrenn and Six’s ability to recur Strip Mine and Wasteland early in the game makes for frustrating play experiences. The opponent may not ever get a third land, making it very… Read More »Points Announcement: Zendikar Rising