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Points Announcement: War of the Spark

Changes over the last year have seen a healthy balance between the fair decks. In specific, the resurgence in Tempo and Aggro strategies has seen good competition with what was originally a heavily Control and Midrange-dominant meta. The current metagame displays a good equilibrium between the four ‘Fair’ archetypes, so the latest Points Announcement is an opportunity to assist decks on the other end of the spectrum. Here is the change: Gifts Ungiven -1 (now 0 Points) Here are the full details, followed by our current watch list:— GIFTS UNGIVEN-1 (to 0 Points) This powerful Combo tutor and engine card… Read More »Points Announcement: War of the Spark

Points Update: January 2014

-1 Time Spiral from 2 to 1-1 Crucible of Worlds from 1 to 0-1 Worldgorger Dragon from 1 to 0-1 Gifts Ungiven from 2 to 1+1 Wasteland from 0 to 1