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Gifts Ungiven


Points Announcement: Strixhaven

The committee has been keeping a close eye on a number of decks over the last few months. This points update is a conservative one and includes a change to the watch list. We have access to more and more data from players and TO’s using the point and deck list portals. However, we still only have half of the… Read More »Points Announcement: Strixhaven

Points Announcement: War of the Spark

Changes over the last year have seen a healthy balance between the fair decks. In specific, the resurgence in Tempo and Aggro strategies has seen good competition with what was originally a heavily Control and Midrange-dominant meta. The current metagame displays a good equilibrium between the four ‘Fair’ archetypes, so the latest Points Announcement is an opportunity to assist decks… Read More »Points Announcement: War of the Spark

Points Update: January 2014

-1 Time Spiral from 2 to 1-1 Crucible of Worlds from 1 to 0-1 Worldgorger Dragon from 1 to 0-1 Gifts Ungiven from 2 to 1+1 Wasteland from 0 to 1