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Deathrite Shaman

Building an Eight Point List: Part 2

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Hi all! This is the second part of a series, check out part 1 here! Applied Theory: How do you choose your eight points when building a deck? So we know why we’re playing eight points, but which points are we playing? There is no point in imposing a restriction on deck by not playing Reserved List cards, if the… Read More »Building an Eight Point List: Part 2


Points Announcement: Strixhaven

The committee has been keeping a close eye on a number of decks over the last few months. This points update is a conservative one and includes a change to the watch list. We have access to more and more data from players and TO’s using the point and deck list portals. However, we still only have half of the… Read More »Points Announcement: Strixhaven

Points Announcement: Kaldheim

Magic has been experiencing a lot of ups and downs lately and some formats are feeling it more than others. We are trying our best to keep this format healthy and fun for new and existing players alike. Oko, Thief of Crowns is now 2 Points. (from 1 to 2) To improve the health of the format we aim to tax… Read More »Points Announcement: Kaldheim