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Points Announcement: The Brother’s War

Highlander overall has remained in a pretty healthy state, with a wide variety of successful archetypes. While we are seeing some regional dominance with specific decks, for the most part we’re happy with where the format is, and with the impact of the last batch of changes.

With that in mind, we’re making the following two changes.

Announcement: Companions and the Vintage Ban List

Today Wizards announced that Lurrus of the Dream-Den is banned in Vintage, which marks the first time an individual card has been added to the Vintage ban list in decades. For most of Highlander’s existence we have followed the Vintage banned list. Deviating from this tradition is a huge decision that we didn’t take lightly. However, we believe that Highlander’s… Read More »Announcement: Companions and the Vintage Ban List

Points Announcement: Ikoria

Last announcement saw a major change to dominant Tempo and Combo decks in the metagame, and we have since seen a healthy balance return. Whilst there is no pressing need for Points changes in the extant metagame, the present announcement needs to address the future. The Committee rarely deem ‘preemptive pointing’ necessary, however the below is unlikely to come as… Read More »Points Announcement: Ikoria