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Announcement: Companions and the Vintage Ban List

Today Wizards announced that Lurrus of the Dream-Den is banned in Vintage, which marks the first time an individual card has been added to the Vintage ban list in decades. For most of Highlander’s existence we have followed the Vintage banned list. Deviating from this tradition is a huge decision that we didn’t take lightly. However, we believe that Highlander’s unique points list nature will allow us to manage the power level of Companions without bans. 

One of the great things about Highlander is that other than a handful of cards that cause tournament issues, or are not designed for regular magic formats, you can play with every card ever printed. 

The 7 Point Highlander rule set will now use:

Vintage ban list, except Companions

As always we are sticking to the points announcement being the Monday after the prerelease.

June 29th 2020 is the next announcement.

Lurrus of the Dream-Den will remain at zero points until then. It is not banned in Highlander.

There are just under six weeks until the Core 2021 prerelease. We felt that consistency of points announcement dates was more important than six weeks of underpointed companions. Make the most of this wild time and show us how far you can push them.

During these weeks we will also have finalised The Committee membership and look to have a well-rounded idea of Companions and their respective points for the June 29th 2020 Announcement.

Enjoy those webcam games!