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QLD: GGUMG Brisbane – 7PH 01/12/2021 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

GGUMG’s final 7pt Highlander event for 2021. Anthony Vanderkop didn’t go 4-0 but was still undefeated when taking down Brandon Rashad in the final round. Check out the standings below for Anthony’s 7 points. Player’s Standing Player’s Name Player’s Deck List Link 1st Anthony Vanderkop 4c Tempo 2nd Brandon Rashad BUG Hermit Druid 3rd – 4th Nick Chmielewski UR Aggro 3rd – 4th Matthew Mcinante RUG Tempo 5th – 8th Beau Weyers Innistrad + Time Walk 5th – 8th Willwong Wong Link Incoming 5th – 8th Rick Paterson UWR Vault 5th – 8th Alana Lamburd UR Aggro