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VIC: Eternal Masters 2024 (09/06/2024) | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

Eternal Weekend 2024 was hosted by Games Portal over the June long weekend in Ringwood. There were 38 players bashing it out in 6 rounds with a cut to top 8.

After a recent 2nd placing at the Bluebell Open and a workplace injury that left me unable to play my regular netball competition and afforded me a bit of time off work, I was perfectly poised to nag Socrates into joining me at Eternal Weekend in Victoria. A tradition the Adelaide Eternal Team have kept up almost every year for the last decade. Joining us was one more Adelaide-ian, Zachary McDonnell.

Socrates and I drove up and made a weekend trip out of it under the guise of also spending time with family and friends. In reality, it was just magic magic magic. Playing the event, testing and jamming late into the evening, and talking about magic in the seldom spare moments we had. We would like to take this opportunity to apologize to our families in Victoria for our obsession.

I was on a No-Blue Domain Initiative deck that Sarven McLinton and I discussed in greater detail recently on our channel here.

Since that video series we’ve now added Eagles of the North to hedge against Blood Moon decks to find basic plains, as well as adding a Surveil land. With the extra 6 drop it seemed correct to try Palantir of Orthanc which can also be cast through a Moon (lucky that my round 1 opponent was Blue Moon!).

Socrates and I had been testing the night before and he was consistently killing me on turn 2 or 3 pre board. Even post board it can be difficult to guarantee you will hit your hate cards in the first 2 turns. His all-in Doomsday-Tendrils deck uses Laboratory Maniac instead of Thassa’s Oracle, freeing up points to spend on Black Lotus for Storm kills. The Adelaide Eternal team feels like this innovation makes Soc’s hybrid of Doomsday and Storm the combo deck to beat!

I made a last minute addition of Death Greeters-Champion to get really punchy and finish combo decks before they could set up on me. The event was held JUST after the release of MH3 and the cards were deemed legal for the event, but not everyone would have access to the new cards. I got my hands on a Phlage, Titan of Fire’s Fury which AE chat has been frothing for as the perfect card for Nono-Blue, and I moved Eoywyn to my sideboard for Jund and have something more versatile in the mainboard. Other players were hunting for Nadu, Winged Wisdom. It’s an oppressive card to say the least. It fits into midrange, aggro, tempo, combo…oh and control! How do you answer it cleanly in this format?

Round 1 vs Blue Moon. I was able to largely ignore my opponent’s moons (including the new Harbinger of the Seas) with mana from Dorks, casting Palantir off islands, and searching basics off the land cyclers – the tech worked!

Round 2 Vs Jund and I had a pretty convincing 2-0 again by drawing key spells like Eowyn, and Bombadiers into Reanimate a Generous Ent to throw 8 to the face for the win.

Round 3 Vs Domain/Omnath piloted by Tom Clift. He had the new Ajani, Nacatle Pariah paired with scull clamp. I had a very aggressive start though, playing Bowmasters to punish the clamp. I established a big board with a lot of permanents taking up so much space that it was hard to fit them on the playmat. Fable of the mirror breaker finished all modes and threatened to copy creatures and I got game 1. Tom won the next two games convincingly, although in game three I did have an opportunity to reset the board if I top decked an untapped mana for winds of Abandon to remove (not kidding) about 25 power worth of attackers the next turn. Salt in the wound to hit Xander’s Lounge.

Round 4 Vs Prowess. Adam’s deck is strong with the new Slick Shot show off. My opponent played well through a Carpet of Flowers AND Choke in Game 2 and 3 utilizing the low mana curve, and cards like Gush and Daze to reset tapped islands. We were both on low life in game 3 and at a standstill. The real power of the prowess deck was apparent to me when I couldn’t swing my Chaos Defiler into a Monastery Swiftspear, for fear of the swing back killing me. It’s an incredible tempo AND value difference, when your 1 drop stonewalls an opponent’s 5 drop. After playing Jegantha and Generous Ent on top of the Defiler, I thought it was safe to swing. I was submerged and counter attacked for exactly lethal in a nail biter.

Round 5 vs Miracles piloted by Brennan C. I had a pretty good time against him, establishing Initiative or Monarch and finding haste threats to cleanly answer Planeswalkers. I did miss a line where I showed him my Forth Eorlingas, assuming it was lethal and he would scoop and we had a back and forth where he politely asked me to play it out and I obnoxiously asked him why and showed him the maths. I missed his out with Solitude into Wandering Emperor to survive. I still won the match but felt bad for rushing the win without letting it play out properly because I was too dumb to see the line. Sorry Brennan. It’s a pet peeve of mine. What can I say, I’m an idiot.

Round 6 probable win-and-in because I know my countback is good; I won my first two rounds and then Tom and Adam were near the top of standings. I had a nailbiter game where my opponent misplayed after casting 5 mana for Bombadiers through Anointed Peacekeeper (paying the tax) but forgot that Peacekeeper also taxes activated abilities, including Bombadiers’ fling.

I SCRAPED into top 8 on countback and had Tom Bot as my opponent next after finishing first in Swiss. My Adelaide Eternal teammate Socrates also made top 8 (his deck is SUPER strong, check it out in the Top 8 links below!) and fellow Adelaidian and travel partner Zachary McDonnell also made top 8 despite losing round 1 (never lose hope!). So of the three Adelaidians ALL of us made top 8. What a great achievement and check out those diverse top 8 archetypes.

We had 2 Domain midrange decks in myself and Tom Clift, 3 different combo decks (Soc’s Doomsday, Antoine’s Flash Hulk and Zachary’s Helm/Marit Lage combo). Thomas Bot was on his namesake artifact robots list and Adam and James were on Tempo (one Prowess and one Grixis Tempo). So yes. Really truly diverse!

Quarter Finals vs Artifact Ramp.  Thomas elected to be on the play and mulled to 6. I played mana dork into Qasali Pridemage, hitting his Urza’s saga and feeling quite far ahead. His Karn made 2 Constructs which swung as 7/7’s putting all my midrange creatures to shame and crushing my otherwise decent hand. I did get to cast Palantir against him. First scry saw two lands and bottomed both, milled land. Okay, bummer. Second scry saw two lands and bottomed both, Milled 2 lands. Come on. Not in the finals… Third scry I saw 2 lands, bottomed both, milled land, land, Scion of Draco! Putting Thomas to 6. He was playing with fire on that last one. After that Thomas graciously allowed me to draw off Palantir. So I had a 2cmc/damage average which is decent, although Palantir is at its best when averages aren’t considered by your opponent and you get to 18 them to the face on the second scry. Still, I got to live a little bit of a dream.

Game 2 I got spanked. My hand was good, but Tolarian academy tapping for 9 is unfair magic and even the best fair decks firing off on all cylinders can’t compete with that sort of raw power. Maybe I need to mull to Meltdown/ Collector Ouphe? The deck is good and Thomas is a strong player who knows a lot about the format.

The good news was that the event was hosted at the Ringwood RSL and I got to have a beer afterwards. I stuck around for the grand finals but missed the end because I was at the bar. Well done to the champion Thomas Bot, who by all accounts had another superb performance. Thanks to Games Portal for hosting and see you the next time I’m injured and can’t play netball.

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stThomas BotMUD “Bots” (Artifact Ramp)
2ndJames Larsen-ScottGrixis (UBR Tempo)
3rd-4thAdam Millar-Shannon“Prowess” (URg Tempo)
3rd-4thTom Clift“Omnath” (WURGb Midrange)
5-8thAntoine Nguyen“Flash-Hulk” (WUBG Combo)
5-8thSocrates Stavropoulos“Doomsday” (UBg Combo)
5-8thZachary McDonnell“Orzhov Combos” (BW)
5-8thBeckett Wolfe“Nono-Blue Domainitiative” (WBRG Midrange)