Beckett Wolfe

Beckett has been playing Magic the Gathering since Innistrad block in 2011. He enjoys the thrill of competition and likes to play on instinct. Beckett can usually be found with a grindy midrange deck in his hands, but has been known to dabble in all archetypes. He helped found the Adelaide Eternal Team after falling in love with Vintage and Legacy Magic. His favorite format however is 7 Point Highlander, which teaches him the most about Magic and life. Outside of Magic, Beckett enjoys a bit of social netball and hanging out with his friends at his Grandma’s pool.

SA: Dragon’s Lair Sailsbury Adelaide 04/09/2021 (21 Players)| Deck Lists &Tournament Report

Dragon’s Lair Salisbury hosted a really smooth event with a good turnout of both new and established players (21). 1st -Rob Lark won the title, beating Socrates in the finals. When I asked what archetype Rob would describe his deck as he shrugged and said “I’m just playing the best cards.” I would describe it as Grixis Tempo splashing white for Mentor, Teferi3, Swords, Prismatic Ending. You could call it control I guess; but Rob elected to play Dragon Rage Channeller, Dark Confidant and only 20 lands. He was on an Acall package for his points. Well done Rob on… Read More »SA: Dragon’s Lair Sailsbury Adelaide 04/09/2021 (21 Players)| Deck Lists &Tournament Report

How to Win a Tournament in 7 Point Highlander

In this article I will go through the things you can do and the mindset you can adopt to maximise your odds of winning a tournament. This article is intended for intermediate competitive players entering 20-100 person events.  An introduction to better play Getting started on beating the skill ‘plateau’ I find that a lot of established players plateau. They learn the format, get confident with a deck and can play an event without blundering, but then they stop improving. An important piece of advice for players who have played for a while but don’t seem to be getting results is to look to eek out… Read More »How to Win a Tournament in 7 Point Highlander