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SA: Adelaide Dragons Lair St Marys 15/08/2021 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

By Torin Kelderman

12 players showed up for the chance at some mystery spicy prizes at Dragons Lair. I decided to take “Welcome to the Jundggro” for a second spin after a top 4 showing at Good Games Adelaide last week:

  • Match one starting with a quick win in game one thanks to good flips from a keen duelist against James Arthur only to lose to the staples of murktide regent and monastery mentor in games two and three respectively.
  • Match two saw the aggro two drops particularly stormfist crusader and werewolf pack leader beat mardu midrange in two quick games.
  • Match three saw a lost to helm of obedience enchantress build in game one before proceeding to apply massive amounts of pressure games two and three with harsh mentor, questing beast and sin prodder as the highlights.
  • Match four saw my aggro threats beat up Junk in two quick decisive games with good showings from W&6, pestilent spirit and harsh mentor again.

Top 8 decklists are below.


Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stLiam Whelan“Jund” (BRG Midrange)
2ndJames Arthur(UWR Tempo-Control)
3rdTorin Kelderman“Welcome to the Jundggro” (BRG Aggro)
4thVaughn Schroder“Enchantress” (WGbr Combo-Midrange)
5thDanny Helix“Junk” (GWB Midrange)
6thZahary Mcdonnell“Marchesa Pile” (WBR Midrange)
7thRussell CuttingAwaiting Decklist
8thOliver OksAwaiting Decklist
9thShane Cutting9th
10thBeckett Wolfe10th
11thMichael Hearn11th
12thElijah Tardio12th