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International: Friday Night 7 Point Highlander – Webcam (via Discord) 20/08/2021 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

Welcome to the Lockdown series 2021, ready for all your community magic needs we are hosting webcam events with proxies allowed to promote a fun and welcoming activity while people are staving off the lockdown blues!

Usually once a month we give the opportunity to play Friday night and/or Saturday morning, MTGO or webcam. Once we reach 8 players we fire! It’s a good way to whip out those foil alters and full art proxies if you like paper and an opportunity for MTGO grinders to build the online community!

This time it was webcam and we managed to fire both events! This is for the Friday event. Free Entry, Webcam over Discord, no prizes, 4 rounds no cut:

4-0 Ben – Oracle breach
3-1 Dillon – RB Aggro
3-1 NestlĂ© – Bant Ephemerate
3-1 Brandon – Breya Bomber Breach
2-1-1 Sam – UR Delver
2-1-1 Padraig – Omnath Yorion
2-2 Justin – Academy Ramp
2-2 Michael – Doomsday
2-2 Angus – Oath Reanimator
2-2 Jack – Mono Blue Control
1-2-1 Jason – Mono B
1-2-1 Mark – Bant Creatures
1-3 Max – Lurrus Thoracle Breach
1-3 Zac – Elves
0-3-1 Alex – Jund
0-3-1 Meady – 4c Moon

I went back to my roots and played Oath Reanimator, I wanted to test out new cards Divide by Zero (with Illuminate History and Containment Breach in the sideboard) and Prismari Command, both really good! I think this version is caught between a Turn 3/4 version with Dig Through Time and Gift’s/Rites package and a Turn 2/3 version with Lim-Dul’s Vault and fast mana. Next version I do want to try the faster version with Imperial Seal at 2 points.

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stBenGrixis Thoracle Breach
2ndDillonBR Aggro
3rdNestléBant Ephemerate
4thBrandon4c Breya Bomber Breach
5thSamUR Tempo
6thPadraig4c Yurion Midrange
7thJustinAcademy Ramp
8thMichaelBUG Doomsday Thoracle
9thAngus4c Oath Reanimator
10thJackMono Blue Control
11thJasonMono Black Midrange
12thMarkBant Midrange
13thMaxGrixis Thoracle Breach
14thZac4c Elves
15thAlexJund Midrange
16thMeady4c Moon