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QLD: Regional AEW Invitational Qualifier (24 players) – Competitive REL | Deck Lists & Results

Thanks to Rob’s MTG Auctions, MTG MATE and Saga Games first place got a $300 travel award to help get to the Adelaide Eternal Highlander Cup, (previously) scheduled to take place on the 22nd of March (currently postponed due to restrictions)! In addition, the winner will also got an invite to the Highlander Invitational! For more details on these events click here.
Saturday 29th of February 2020. Doors opened at 10am, round 1 started at 11am. The event took place in the very roomy LGS in Toowoomba, Battlestation. After 6 rounds of Swiss there was a cut to top 8. Cash prizes distributed to the top 8 players.
1st – Cash prize (+$300 travel award)
2nd – Cash prize
3rd/4th – Cash prize
5th/8th – Cash Prize
Players StandingPlayers NamePlayers Deck List
1stNathaniel Kok
2ndGoh Tze Yuen
3rd – 4thDougal Warby
3rd – 4thAndre Abelita
5th – 8thBrock Prickett
5th – 8thJitesh Raniga
5th – 8thDave Trueman
5th – 8thTom Hallet