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QLD: Toowoomba 7-Point Fortnightly Highlander (14 players) 26/01/2021 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

What a way to finish Australia Day than to play our favourite format. This non-proxy event’s top 8 decks had a even spread of archetypes – 3 combo decks, 2 control decks, 3 aggro decks, 2 tempo decks and a splash of midrange that blead into other strategies.

Only one piece of power in the top 8 in Ancestral Recall.

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stNathaniel KokRUG Acall
2ndBen NielsenWhite Mud
3rd – 4thAllan BachmannUW Aggro
3rd – 4thCameron CameronBig Red
5th – 8thJames GilroyBUG Midrange
5th – 8thRyan Kruger5c Elves
5th – 8thCJ BartleyJunk Lands
5th – 8thTyrone PhillipsRUG Prowess (no Acall)