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QLD: Toowoomba 7-Point Fortnightly Highlander (13players) 16/02/2021 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

In preparation for the upcoming Competitive REL event we held a few extra 7 point highlander tournaments over the last month. Just some good old fashioned midrange showed up to play this week. Noted this kind of meta should be a field day for Thoracle and other combo decks like UWR Breach. A few of our players have some very creative ways to fight the combos of both of those decks but we will see how their far those silver bullets can get them this Saturday. Congratuations Ben Nielsen for winning this event with a 4-0 finish he has been playing and testing this deck for a number of weeks/months now and is confidant he has a solid 75.

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stBen NielsenNaya Lands
2ndNathaniel KokJund Midrange
3rd – 4thNathan HartleyNaya Armageddon
3rd – 4thCameron CameronBig Red
5th – 8thTyrone PhilipsUW Stax
5th – 8thParis BonserDark Bant
5th – 8thTim HolmesJund Midrange
5th – 8thDavid EllisMardu Midrange