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NSW: 7ph Showdown Chromatic Games 06/05/2023 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

63 players attended the event, with an ID for the finals

The decks shown below are for results X-2 or better


Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1st/2ndGraham KingOmnath walks
1st/2ndNick WarderRW Moonshine
3rd/4thMichael KloseThopter Breach
3rd/4thAdam JazwinskiUR Prowess
5th-8thJack DingJund
5th-8thLewis OphelBR Eclipse
5th-8thMatthew CrossRW Moonshine
5th-8thNino ManeraBlue Moon
9thIan CormickLurrus Breach
10thCorey MolloyJund
11thIgnacio CarrascoRW Moonshine
12thBen SymondsMono Red
13thJustin CheungUR Prowess
14thMax De KievithElves
15thJake SimsBots
16thTorin KeldermanJund
17thJoshua OphelNaya Initiative
18thChris Krause-HeuerBlue Moon
19thLachlan SaundersAcademy KCI
20thLiam MinogueUR Prowess