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WOTC & Inaccessible cards in 7PH – Secret Lair Drop Series

Hey 7PH community,

We, along with leaders in other community-driven formats, have taken notice of the unprecedented move by WotC to print mechanically unique cards in limited-print products (specifically, Secret Lair Drop Series: The Walking Dead). These printings range from unplayable in the current landscape of 7PH to reasonably playable. None of the cards in the release in question are what we consider “format staples”.

While the points committee agree that the principle of these new printings is a bad thing for the game if not kept closely managed, at this point in time we will not be taking any actions to remove these cards from the format. We will however be closely monitoring any further printings of this style. If WotC continues to release “reasonable” cards through this system, our policy is likely to remain unchanged. If these releases appear to be detrimental for the format in future, we will not hesitate to step in and act.


Secret Lair