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Top Performing Deck Lists in the Swiss: 7PH Win-A-Mox MTGO League

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With the largest 7 point highlander event behind us, it’s time to reflect on the decks that were at the top of the swiss after the five gruelling rounds of double swiss. Most of the players in the league stuck to the same decklist over the full 10 matches with few exceptions. 

Being an open decklist top 8, players were able to metagame hard, resulting in some interesting choices like Collector Ouphe in the maindeck. I am of the view that the battle hardened decks that fought through the double swiss give the average 7ph player more information than the top 8 decks. As such, I present the decklists from round five of the league, in order of standings at the end of the swiss. 

10-0 and 9-1

Swiss RankingNameDeck Type and Link
1.Martin Lindström (10-0!)Esper Tempo/Control
2.Thomas BotMUD (Colourless Artifacts)
3.William ThompsonGrixis Lurrus Breach Oracle
4.Jack PotterBUG Oracle Smog
5. Dillon KikkawaRB Aggro
6.cftsocGrixis Lurrus Breach Oracle
7. Paul WitzRug Tempo

These decks represented the titans of the swiss, those finishing with only a single match loss, or in Martin Lindstrom’s case, a clean 10-0 sweep of the tournament, without changing a single card over the whole 5 rounds. 

The Lurrus Oracle Breach deck is better than fantastic, being the only deck to put 2 copies into the top 8.  I do not think there’s much that needs to be said about it that has not been said already.

There was lots of talk before the tournament that oracle without gifts was not playable, so it’s good to see Jack Potter proving the crowd wrong. His oracle and smog BUG combo deck featuring Green Sun’s Zenith tore through the field on the way to the top 8. This was however the only sole oracle deck to go 7-3 or better. 

Paul Witz into the top 8 with a sneaky nimble mongoose, which he swears by. Lots of new cards in Paul’s deck from MH2, it’s a good time to be a tempo player presently.

It’s also essential to note that the final round of the swiss was the first that Modern Horizons was legal, giving players only a few days to acquire cards.

8-2, so close

8.Matt BrownMono Red Aggro
9.Zen TakahashiMono Red Aggro
10.Thomas SellittoHot Wheels (UR Aggro)
11.Sam BogueGrixis Lurrus Oracle Breach
12.Milan BhayanaUBRG Control
13.James WilksGrixis Pile
14.James Larsen-ScottGrixis Lurrus Oracle Breach
15.Tyrone PhillipsJund Goblins!
16.Thoralf SeverinTime Vault Artifacts 
17.Julian JakobovitsJeskai Breach Combo
18.RamyMono Red Aggro
19.Connor McGillivrayRug Tempo

The 8-2 lists should show you how close we were to having a top 8 completely overrun by aggro or combo! It’s still quite a diverse list of decks. A few results going differently and there could have been 4 or more combo or aggro decks progress instead of the 9-1s above.

My favourites from this list are the Hot Wheels deck (which is putting up results in Adelaide in paper) as well as the Jund Goblins deck from Toowoomba judge Tyrone. Julian in 17 proving that straight breach decks also have a lot of play to them, enough to push him through to the top of the tournament.  

Also a quick shoutout to Connor McGillvray that played the entire 10 matches without changing a single card of his Rug Tempo deck. Dragonscale Guard was a card I was not expecting to see, but it worked for Connor.

7-3, The Fighters

20.James ArthurWURG Midrange
21.Matthew GarnhamGrixis Lurrus Oracle Breach
22.Luke WilliamsRUG Tempo
23.Scott StipkovichRUG Sprowess
24.Bader420Jund Midrange
25.Jeff HoranDredge
26.Tobias RoosUBRG Midrange
27.Dan NelsonGraveyard Soup
28.Max VervoortGrixis Lurrus Oracle Breach
29.Matthias HittelUBRG Control Smog
30.Aidas DomaseviMono Red Aggro
31.David FischerAbzan Midrange
32.Ian MarshGraveyard Soup
33.Noah RabinUBRG Midrange
34.Aaron SadlerJeskai Time Vault
35.Nicolas BiekertElves!
36.Oliver GrayWhite Weenie Aggro
37.Luke McCoyTinker Citadel Storm

While there may seem to be a lot of decks, these 7-3 or better decks represent the top 20% of the 200+ strong field. Any of these are excellent highlander decks, although there’s always plenty of room for innovation. 

My favourites from this tranche are the 2 dedicated graveyard decks in dredge and graveyard soup – there is certainly something cooking there.  

The Jund and Abzan midrange decks are certainly interesting – leaning heavily on hand and mana disruption to buy time. Going 7-3 in a field full of combo is certainly no easy feat and are both powerful decks. 

An Elves and White Weenie(!) player going 7-3 is fantastic for the format, and I think this top 37 decks really just shows the depth within the format, with a few clear decks head and shoulders above the rest. 

Spicy 6-4 decks

It would not be a deck wrap up without highlighting some of the 6-4 decks!! The favourites I found were:

40th Committee Member Luke Mulcahy with Naya Thalia Wolfrun– When I see Luke’s decks I’m never sure whether they’re actually good, or Luke is just a great player. This is no exception

43rd Brandon Harvey with Rug Sneak and Show Oath PW thing What a pile

44rd Zach Dunn – Omnath Prime Time 

44th Robert Wise –  Omnath Pod Turns out omnath’s death was greatly exaggerated

53rd Sebastian Ziesche – Grixis Death’s Shadow Tempo The madman did it!

60th Nathan Bass Mono Red Storm! Birgi is a house, this actually looks sweet.

The greatest thing about 7ph is that it’s such a skill intensive yet completely open format. 


JoshD is a solicitor from Queensland that started playing Magic the Gathering during Scourge. When he's not in dad or golf mode, Josh is usually jamming Thassa's Oracle or some type of terrible RUG deck. He firmly believes Australian 7 Point Highlander is the only format worth playing.