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Yawgmoth’s Will

7PH Points Update ONE

Points Announcement: Phyrexia All Will Be One

Points Changes Effective as of the announcement (05/02/2023) (Please confirm with your tournament organisers that they are using the updated points) EXPLANATION: Highlander this quarter has experienced a significant uptick in fast-mana-fuelled aggressive decks, particularly centred around the new initiative creatures. As well as being very powerful (and making up almost half of the top 16 meta at Nationals), this… Read More »Points Announcement: Phyrexia All Will Be One

Points Announcement: Throne of Eldraine

With a plethora of printings from back-to-back sets, the overall power level of Highlander has significantly increased since last update. However, the increase is more pronounced in certain archetypes. This Points Announcement increases the investment required to recur Strip Mine, which has recently led to more repetitive game states with a low level of interactivity. This Announcement simultaneously increases the… Read More »Points Announcement: Throne of Eldraine