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7PH Points Update OTJ

Points Announcement: Outlaws at Thunder Junction

Effective as of the announcement (07/04/2024) (Please confirm with your tournament organisers that they are using the updated points) Watch List Welcome to the April 2024 edition of the 7 Point Highlander points update! Now that the format has had some time to settle down since Cancon and the previous update, we have had time to observe the performance of… Read More »Points Announcement: Outlaws at Thunder Junction

Pre-War Formalwear and Cryptic Coat: A new era for Stoneforge Mystic

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I love Stoneforge Mystic. She’s a poorly sized creature that generates a little (or a lot) of value, asks a little bit of you during deckbuilding and will impact most games she’s played in. However, for the longest time she was barely worth playing in Highlander due to both a lack of premium equipment and general power creep. Stoneforge Mystic… Read More »Pre-War Formalwear and Cryptic Coat: A new era for Stoneforge Mystic


Points Announcement: The Brother’s War

Highlander overall has remained in a pretty healthy state, with a wide variety of successful archetypes. While we are seeing some regional dominance with specific decks, for the most part we’re happy with where the format is, and with the impact of the last batch of changes.

With that in mind, we’re making the following two changes.


Points Announcement: Dominaria United

Since the last points announcement we’ve had the largest paper highlander event ever, with 2022 Highlander Masters, and a return to consistent paper play amongst most of the highlander scene, resulting in a significant uptick in event results and data. Overall we still believe 7 point Highlander is in an excellent spot, with a broad variety of archetypes and play styles seeing some success. However with some new members on the committee, we’ve taken a look at some of the historical points, with an eye to free up some cards that aren’t seeing play, and revitalise some struggling archetypes.