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Time Spiral


Points Announcement: Dominaria United

Since the last points announcement we’ve had the largest paper highlander event ever, with 2022 Highlander Masters, and a return to consistent paper play amongst most of the highlander scene, resulting in a significant uptick in event results and data. Overall we still believe 7 point Highlander is in an excellent spot, with a broad variety of archetypes and play styles seeing some success. However with some new members on the committee, we’ve taken a look at some of the historical points, with an eye to free up some cards that aren’t seeing play, and revitalise some struggling archetypes.

Points Update: January 2014

-1 Time Spiral from 2 to 1-1 Crucible of Worlds from 1 to 0-1 Worldgorger Dragon from 1 to 0-1 Gifts Ungiven from 2 to 1+1 Wasteland from 0 to 1