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Points Announcement: Streets of New Capenna

The format is reasonably stable at the moment, and there have been few big events with intermingled communities, so we’re only making a small set of changes for this release. In addition to this, the last points update was one of the larger ones we’ve done for some time. On top of these factors, if we’re bringing on a new committee member in the near future, it felt like we should involve them in any big pointing decisions.

Points Announcement: Guilds of Ravnica

Points Committee Announcement: Guilds of Ravnica Since the last announcement, Worldly Tutor and Wheel of Fortune have shown a healthy uptick in play as have both Combo and to some degree Aggro. We are still watching carefully the performance of Flash Hulk and Channel as the powerful Combo decks in the format, however this quarter’s announcement is more concerned with… Read More »Points Announcement: Guilds of Ravnica