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Points Announcement: Theros Beyond Death (II)

Points announcements are usually made the Monday after each prerelease. However, due to CanCon 2020, a.k.a. ‘Highlander Nationals’ being only a week after prerelease, we made an early “no change” announcement for the ease of players preparing for that event.  We know that a large points change can disrupt invested playtesting, so have reserved this Theros Beyond Death (II) announcement for a week after Highlander Nationals. The additional time and metagame data has also assisted with placing some very impactful cards.  The changes are: Time Walk +1 (now 4 Points)Oko, Thief of Crowns +1 (now 1 Point)Thassa’s Oracle +2 (now 2 Points)Flash… Read More »Points Announcement: Theros Beyond Death (II)

Points Update: October 2012

-2 Flash from 3 to 1-1 Timetwister from 2 to 1-1 Dread Return from 1 to 0+1 Karakas from 0 to 1+1 Library of Alexandria from 1 to 2+1 Merchant Scroll from 0 to 1