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Points Announcement: Ravnica Allegiance

In 2018 we saw a number of cards reduce in points in order to assist Combo and Aggro, both of which have seen a healthy uptick in play. This trend continues in the first update for 2019, as well as assistance for ‘fair’ decks competing in a world of Greed Creep. Here are the changes: Back to Basics -1 (now 0 Points)Tinker -1 (now 2 Points)Strip Mine -1 (now 1 Point)Life from the Loam +1 (now 1 Point) Here are the full details, followed by our current watch list:—BACK TO BASICS-1 (to 0 Points)In the past, the format was largely… Read More »Points Announcement: Ravnica Allegiance

Points Update: April 2017

-1 Flash from from 1 to 0-1 Muddle the Mixture from 1 to 0+1 Back to Basics from 0 to 1+1 Protean Hulk from 1 to 2+1 Time Vault from 3 to 4