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Points Announcement: Dominaria

Hello, and welcome to the Dominaria points list update.

Points change: 

+1 Treasure Cruise from 1 to 2

Treasure cruise is a really powerful card, and the base blue control decks – be it Kess Pile, Jeskai, UB Brandons, Blue Moon or other – that employ it are pretty dominant right now in most metas, and have been for longer than we’re entirely happy with. This should make the default control points a bit less obvious and hopefully give other decks some breathing room.

On the watch list:

Skull clamp -1 (to 1):

Skull clamp decks in Adelaide and Melbourne seem to be at a bit of a nadir at the moment. They don’t match up well against the various artifact-hate pieces which are currently main-deckable, and control decks just out card advantage you.

Gaea’s Cradle +1 (to 1): Gaea’s cradle is a powerful card, and we’ve had our eye on it for a while. It can completely dominate games, and elves is still an extremely potent deck.

Mindtwist +1 (back to 2): We decided, at this time, that pointing treasure cruise was a better choice than repointing mind twist, but it can be an extremely unfun card to play against, so if it continues to be heavily played it might move back up.

Library of Alexander -1 (to 1): Library is a bit like mind twist – it doesn’t see heavy play right now, but with less points it might be too warping. Plus, while trying to put the breaks on control we don’t want to give those decks this for 1 at this time.