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WA: Good Games Morely Fortnightly (20 Players Non Proxy) 28/02/2021 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

Good Games Morely is back into regular swing with a brief hiatus from Kaldhiem shipping delays taking priority over 7PH and a small turnout on Valentines Day.

20 Players was good to see in a very mixed field that featured a burn pilot, two Naya Zoo players and two fresh moxen featuring in Jund goblins and Jund Midrange.

The field was set with

4x Kess Pod variants (1 omnath walk pod), 3x UWx Control/Miracles, 2x Jund Midrange, 2x Mardu Midrange, 2x Naya Zoo, 1x Abzan Midrange, 1x Jund Goblins, 1x Bant Time Vault, 1x Mono U Tinker, 1x Mono-R Burn and 1x RUG Tempo

The top 8 featured (Mardu Midrange, Jund Midrange, UW Miracles, Bant Vault, Kess Pod Walk, Rug Tempo, Omnath Pod Walk, RUG Tempo, Junk, Kess Pod Recall)

in the top 4 (omnath pod vs rug recall) & (Jund vs kess pod recall)

Luke williams on jund took out RUG recall in the finals

I was piloting Jund Goblins to a lowly 2-3 finish with a string of very interesting games.

Round 1 (Luke the boogeyman Williams) on Jund Midrange (Loss 1-2)

This match-up is difficult as it is being removal.dek despite being piloted by GVO_MTG captain lukey williams.

The key cards for the match-up are early blood moons and hastey goblins to push through pressure and take out opposing planeswalkers. Cards that replenish your hand such as goblin ringleader are great to recover from hand disruption. I did manage board in recursive threats such as scrapheap scrounger and Squee to ensure a board presence whilst taking out cards such as Krenko, Mob Boss as it felt too slow for the match-up. The goblins deck by nature lacks removal, relying on punching the OP in the mouth with the help of a single munitous expert.

Round 2 (Jacob Morhall) on Jund Midrange (Win 2-1)

Another GVO_MTG player on Jund. I was able to overcome 3 mox jet draws to steal a game with goblin lackey into muxus on t2 in games 2 and 3.
Muxus was an allstar when cheated in or even cast on t3/t4 with the help of mana crypt and sol lands the raw card advantage it generates is insane and a huge draw to playing the deck. Much of the same SB strategy was followed from round 1.

Round 3 (Scott Stipkovich – You can use his manatraders code for the upcoming mtgo league here: CUBE_E7Z for 15% off your subscription with manatraders) 4C Kess Pod (A-Call) (Loss 1-2)

The keys to victory is blood moon and a very quick start. Game 1 I was missing removal massively as scott played t1 hexdrinker and I followed up with t1 blood moon. Without any solid removal and a solid clock, I was unable to race through this 6/6 pro everything as he just kept making land drops and growing his sexy hexy.

Game 2: I went mountain, mana crypt blood mooon again – now following this up with a clock before scott could drop a DRS or Hexdrinker I was able to swiftly runaway with the game.

Game 3: Was a great game that came down to the wire! Scott was smartly staving off my threats lackey, rabblemater and friends whilst slowly turning the corner to chain off with pod into Titania. This was followed by a quick trip next door to the pub. beastmode: activated.

Round 4: (Aidan Gordon) Esper Control (Loss 1-2)

At this stage with my breakers and the field, I could win out to sneak into the t8. Aidan and my own muxus had other plans.

Game 1 – Aidan played a very patient draw, go game and dealt with the threats cleanly and running me out of cards.
Game 2 – The early blood moon proved to be pivotal in navigating the game despite a basic island and swamp he was unable to double spell and I was able to bash through for the win.
Game 3 – Had a back and forth game with a skirk prospecter on the battlefield, I tapped out for a goblin ringleader with one card in hand. Aidan licked his chops and cast a counterspell with the ringleader on the stack. I paused for a few moments with the peanut gallery chewing my ear off (a common occurrence in perth spectating any 7pt games) saying I didn’t have a decision to make whilst not knowing my hand. I sacrificed my skirk prospector and cast pyroblast… Thank you peanut gallery. As the game went on aidan had stabalised on two life and we were into a top deck war, I landed a muxus that absolutely wiffed and a snapcaster mage with swords to plowshares cleared up the board and we were back to topdeck war. I ultimately lost this great game and welcomed Aidan to his first highlander tournament.

Round 5 (Brandon Jensen) Mono U Tinker (Win 2-1)

G1. T2 Tinker for a blighsteel. ggwp both teams fought hard.
G2. Goblins were doing goblin things as I was able to develop a big wide board with a pashalik mons and sling-gang lieutenant and sac the team for the win
G3. Cavern of souls was great for me here – I was able to force my goblins thru counterspells as he played mana rocks. I followed up with a t3 goblin trashmaster for cleanup duties for his board and that was all she wrote.

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stLuke WilliamsJund Midrange
2ndDaniel Nguyen PutzRUG Recall
3rdScott StipkovichKess Pod
4thMichael WiseOmnath Pod Walk
5thShawn Rayson – Bant Time VaultBant Time Vault
6thConnor McGilivaryMardu Pyro
7thJure Dervodel – UW ControlUW Control
8thZach SeowJunk Midrange