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WA: Good Games Morely Fortnightly (17 Players) Non-Proxy 10/01/2021 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

Big man lukey williams regains top-dog status enduring a long hiatus since 7pt highlander moved from goodgames joondalup to good games morley.

Lukey on his trusty rug deck now powered with ancestral recall (big bucks) allowed him to out draw his opponents into straight gas. good work lukey.

The top 8 was very grindy with omnath walk, junk, jund, miracles, esper control and arguably rug controlling board states cleanly leaving out reanimator as the only combo deck.

The field of 17 was very diverse with only kess pile:
Workshop Aggro
Jund Midrange
5C Reanimator
Grixis Kess Pile
5c Kess pile
Esper Control
Bant vault
Omnath pod
UW miracles
RUG delver
Gruul Sneak
Red Artifacts
RUG Prowess
Esper Oracle

A lack of moxen and willing zoo players has left aggro decks unfavourable allowing the meta to evolve into a grindfest.

Myself as an aspiring spike chose to sleeve up esper oracle to respond to the grindy meta game.

Round 1: I was taken down (1-2) by omnath pod in 2 very intense sideboard games, Robert wise is a seasoned time walk pilot and extremely good at drawing REB and pyroblasts. He later followed this victory up after round 3 to ask if I was 3-0. A lesson in manners is in order here.

Round 2: RUG sProwess. (2-1) A favourable match-up for oracle with removal spells and counterspells laying down the law against heavy hitting bois.

Round 3: Junk (2-0) It is very tough for Junk to interact with oracle nut draws as I pulled out a turn 4 kill in g1. I think the important cards in this match up for junk to side in post board would be rest in peace and ashiok dream render to prevent any gifts ungiven shenanagins. Mulligan for interactive hand disruption. I have been playing sadistic sacrament in my board to ward of any unwanted oracle business.

Round 4: Junk (0-2) This junk pilot was the real deal and dealt with oracle smash mouth style and went for very aggressive beats. a hot start from junk landing early pressure alongside hand disruption made it hard for me to find answers with questing beasts, scavenging ooze and thalia in play. Post board choke and carpet of flowers allowed this junk-man to charge out big threats.

Round 5: Red artifacts (2-1) On the draw, I faced a turn one blood moon from my OP on the play. Next game. Games two and three were relatively straightforward oracle games, get to 4 mana and cast gifts.

there were 3 (3-2) records with only 2 able to make it in and unfortunately I was relegated to the commentary booth where we saw some great matches.

4C walk vs Reanimator (reanimator wins 2-1)
Junk vs RUG (RUG wins 2-0)
Esper Control vs Jund (Jund wins 2-1 on the back of some timely CHOKES!)
Miracles vs GRIXIS kess (grixis wins 2-0)

Jund vs Grixis Kess (Jund wins 2-1)
Rug VS Reanimator (RUG wins 2-1)


Rug vs Jund (Rug wins 2-0)

Lukey williams breaks a long drought from being top dog.

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stLuke williams – RUG
2ndBen Ryan – Jund
3rdThomas dyson – Reanimator
4thDenby Adams – Kess Pile
5thRobert Wise – 4C Walk/Pod
6thYufei Zhang – Junk
7thShawn Rayson – UW Miracles
8thLiam bennet – Esper control