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WA: Good Games Morely Fortnightly (14 Players Non Proxy) 14/03/2021 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

A smaller field for the highlander sunday with people getting cyber hacked, working, car malfunctions, house moving, going to parties among other unfortunate events leading to a smaller turnout. Despite many regulars out of action, king lukey williams among the star-studded absentee line up #pointweekendwork, the field was healthy with the following spread:

2x Jund midrange, Grixis Oracle (yours truly), Bant Time Vault, goblins, Junk, UW Miracles, Rug Recall, Big red Clifford, Esper Tempo, Bug Oracle, Omnath Pod Walk, RUG tempo and trusty blue tinker.

The event structure was 5 rounds with a cut to the top 4. top 4 eventually split taking home a cool $70 each.

I continued the theme of being a walking (3-2) commentary booth feature. this time, there was no booth.

I played Grixis Oracle splashing white on the following list:

Round 1

Grixis Oracle vs Jund (W: 2-0)

G1) W6 + Wasteland + LOTV was doing gods work stifling my mana development not allowing me to get past 3 mana. With a dangerous board presence and OP presenting lethal on board I had run through ponder, preordain, brainstorm, dig through time, thought scour and a snapcaster preordain only to cast an end of turn tainted pact having oracle in hand to untap and win the game. This was much too close for my liking.

I had specifically splashed white for celestial purge to deal with the gatekeeper of Perth highlander, Klothys…..

G2) Opponent and I trade hymn to tourachs and all of a sudden we are both at 3 mana in top deck mode. He plays a DRS, I clean it up with a bolt. I play a JVP, fatal push sends it to the shadow realm. The key turning point was landing a narset, finding a ponder allowing me to clique my OPs draw the next turn leading to a subsequent concession.

Round 2

Grixis Oracle vs Clifford Big Red Dog (W: 2-0)

Game 1 – My opponent’s trinisphere gets hit by an IOK, and I am able to double spell for two turn cycles as I can trip trip and hold up counter. leading to a T4 Gifts ungiven pile for the win.
Game 2 – OP casts a t2 blood moon, I have swamp and DRS in play. I wait until his end step to aether gust it assuming they put it on top of library – which happens. then during their draw I cast a vendilion clique. galaxy brain mode activated. oracle resumes business as usual and tidies it up from there.

At this stage. 2-0, tight field. I may be relieved from the booth duties. who knows. the next rounds detail a series of unfortunate events.

Round 3

Grixis Oracle vs BUG oracle (L: 0-2)

Young connor mcgillivary on a hot streak today (finishing 4-0-1) came into this game with 8 consecutive head to head match wins in tournament play in legacy and 7ph. today was no different. In attempt to test the for decks in the upcoming mtgo tournament we decided to bash oracles at each other with BUG giving a more favourable match up against the RUG tempo builds with access to abrupt decay and trophy alongside annoying cards like leovold that have been left out of recent oracle lists. the key cards that bug has to propel it in this match-up are veil of summer, leovold, hexdrinker (it bashes), uro and sylvan library. the library allowed bug to dig deep knowing that I would apply limited life total pressure taking 8 twice in one game with the help of uro. his own hexdrinker got in the redzone as well, a back up plan that grixis struggles with. the results vs the field are still uncertain but a lot of testing is yet to be complete for either to truly separate itself as the ‘best’ oracle build.

Round 4

Grixis Oracle vs RUG Recall (L:1-2)

It felt like Gravytitan rayson put the nail in the coffin and sending me to the booth. If you want to beat oracle decks, rug recall is your friend. The ability for it to protect the queen and produce some haymakers is a troublesome situation for oracle pilots. I constantly found myself ‘consulting the grip’ as I faced lethal on board. my decision to splash for white was to gain some percentage points in this specific match-up and it was great to see celestial purge remove a t3 klothys and a swords to plowshares clean up an hooting mandrills which would have been otherwise untouchable with the limited removal suite of bolt and push.

Round 5

Grixis Oracle vs UW control (W: 2-0)

Maindeck pyroblast and t3feri made an appearance in game 1. Navigating a t2 counterbalance made for an exciting g1. T3feri bounced a court of grace followed up by a fresh narsett put my opponent very far behind as I ticked dack up 4 times to find the combo pieces. landing the t3feri before my OP whilst being able to counter theirs left me in a great position to take g1. G2 the sb cards in were geist of st traft, reb, mystical dispute and wear//tear.

the white splash to provide an access to an unsuspecting spicy beater in geist was a great finisher as my op. unsurprisingly boarded out the entire removal suite. Wear//tear made a feature in g2 with a plethora of pesky enchantments that needed answers and the usual suspects reb and dispute filled out the rest. the white cards, namely geist and t3feri attack this deck in ways that are so difficult for them to specifically deal with.

an honest 3-2 to finish 5th in a cut to the top 4.

thx for listening to my ted talk.


Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stConnor McGillivarySultai Thoracle
2ndShawn RaysonRUG Tempo
3rdRobert Wise4c Omnath Pod
4thKate DavisonRUG Midrange