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WA: GG Morely December (17 Players) 06/12/2020 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

17 players at morely fortnightly non-proxy 7ph event.

There was lots of variety in the top 8 today and the bottom 9.

4 pieces of 4 point blue power (3 walk, 1 recall) with two walks in the top 8 which is very new for the perth meta

Players completed 5 rounds of swiss with the cut to the top 8. Top 8 played the first round and split the top 4.

The top 8 had a lot of movement from the previous week:
1. 4C omnath walk (new from last fortnight)
2. Jund lands (new from last fortnight)
3. Bant Vault (new from last fortnight, but has been putting up results)
4. Kess Pile
5. Bant Walk (new from last fortnight)
6. 4C Pile (new from last fortnight, but has been putting up results)
7. UR Twin
8 UR Moon

outside the top 8 had an interesting spread to round out the bottom 9:
2. GW hate bears
1. workshop affinity aggro
1. 5c Niv to light
1. mardu midrange
1. BUG midrange
1. UW control
1. RUG prowess
1. kess pile

No representation of thoracle since october and with the point increase, players have steered clear from that combo deck.

Aggro decks were light on representation today with only 2 of the 17 featuring in the field. Midrange decks made up the bulk of the meta with ~10/17 based on your classification.

The perth meta is healthy, dynamic and growing which will likely expand in the new year.

merry xmas from tonyjones22

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1Thomas Dyson“Nono-White Pile” (UBRG Control)
2Brendan Miller“Bant Time Vault” (GWU Combo)
3Shawn Rayson“Kess Pile” (UBR Control)
4Nicholas Koh“Izzet Twin” (UR Tempo-Combo)
5Jacob Morhall“Omnath Pod-Walk” (WURG Midrange)
6Luke Williams“Jund Lands” (BRG Midrange-Ramp)
7Robert Wise“Bant Walk” (GWU Midrange-Combo)
8Zach Seow“Blue Moon” (UR Control)