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WA: GG Morely (15 Players) 20/12/2020 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

A smaller turnout for this fortnights 7ph event as it was nearing the Christmas period! Despite this, we had several new faces down for 7ph with many making the top 8.

The event structure was 5 rounds of swiss with a cut to the top 4. I decided to include the top 8 decks to show the diverse meta we have growing in albeit midrange heavy.

It was good to see oracle in its first appearance since October. Finishing 4-1 in the swiss and taking out top spot in the cut to the top 4.

I played 4c Kess Pod and finished 5-0 in the swiss and was wastelanded out of the top 4 by trusty jund midrange.
Round 1: 2-0 vs Dimir Midrange
Round 2: 2-1 vs Jund Lands
Round 3: 2-1 vs RUG Delver
Round 4: 2-0 vs Esper Oracle
Round 5: 2-0 vs Jund Midrange

Ranks 9-15 included:
Jeskai Aggro
RUG Deulver x 2
4c Yidris
Grixis Kess
UR Twin
4C Omnath Pod

Once again, a very fair meta from Perth with the field showing a lot of favour towards blue cards. However, 3/8 of the top 8 were without blue (Jund lands, Jund Midrange and Abzan Pod)

Two pieces of blue 4 point power in the top 4 with a recall and a walk taking 3rd and 4th.

Merry Christmas from tonyjones22. I have brewed a Gruul Christmas Surprise Deck in theme with the holiday spirit.
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1Liam BennetEsper Oracle (WUB Combo)
2Weixuan TanJund (BRG Midrange)
3Antoine NguyenKess Pod (UBRG Midrange)
4Scott StipkovichsProwess (RUG Combo)
5-8Blake GodenziJunk (GWB Midrange)
5-8Thomas Dyson4C Pile (UBRG Control)
5-8Adam GaleLund (BRG Midrange-Ramp)
5-8Mike SwannDimir Delver (UB Tempo)