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VIC: National Teams Championship 07/01/2023 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

20 teams of 3 came out to inaugural national teams championship. We were playing unified points so your deck could not play the same points as any other players in your team.

Final standings

Michael Swann/Kyle Gibson/Daniel Papak 4th-8th
Wan Chin/Isaac Lee/Jesse
Tim Hughes/Liam Brown/Alec Ferguson
Saher Khalil/Domonic Z/Samuel Loy

Luke Mulcahy/Brett Hughes/Ben Newman

Graham King/Thomas Bot/Cody Kusari

Thomas Sellitto/Chifley Cole/John-Paul Kelly

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stThomas Sellitto
 John-Paul Kelly
Chifley Cole
Naya Initiative
Grixis Storm
Naya Initiative
 2ndGraham Kin
Thomas Bot
Cody Kusari
Omnath Walks
4C Omnath Midrange
3rd/4thBen Newman
Brett Hughes
Luke Mulchay
Grixis Oracle
4C Initiative
Mono W Lurrus
3rd/4thBrandon Owen
Angus McKay
Sophie Pezzutto
RW Moonshine
UR Prowess
5th-8thIsaac Lee
Wan Chin lee
Jesse Meulman-Marshall
5c Initiative
Naya Initiative
Decklist Pending
5th-8thMichael Swann
Kyle Gibson
Daniel Papak
Esper Oracle
5C Initiative
5C Reanimator
5th-8thAlec Ferguson
Tim Hughes
Liam Brown
4C Control
Naya Ramp
UR Prowess
5th-8thSaher Khalil
Samuel Loy
Domonic Z
UR Twin *8Pts
4C Flash Oracle *8pts
4C Lurrus Breach