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VIC: Geelong Highlander Free Entry 06/03/2021 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

Hey guys, we just had Geelongs first ever Highlander tournament on the long weekend (non proxy), organised by myself and Mulch and sponsored by both of us too (and Manticore Entertainment which its Matt and Tom Koenig’s little company that just published their first board game). We had 11 players, Entry was FREE and we had an Academy Rector for first prize, a Mana Crypt for second prize and 3rd and 4th was a Bonecrusher Giant. There was also a door prize (a copy of Manticore Entertainments Voyage Home: An Odyssey board game, and a set of Voyage Home magnets) randomly selected among the people who didn’t make the top 4 (and Mulch randomly won that! everyone saw me roll it there were witnesses!!!)
I didn’t grab all of the deck lists of the players but I know that Luke Jones who came 5th was playing mono blue and Mulch was playing his Merfolk deck.
Here is the top 4 and their deck lists.
The event was held at GUF Geelong, thanks for having us in the store Paul and Duncan!

Final Standings before top 4 cut
1. Joebyn Sewell
2. Matt Armstrong
3. Nando Smith
4. Brennan Crawford
5. Luke Jones
6. Ben Yuill
7. Luke Mulcahy
8. Rowan Millers
9. Adrian Baird
10. Ben Newman
11. Thomas Koenig

Thanks for everyone that came, especially those awesome guys that made the trip down the train track from melbs!

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1Brennan CrawfordGrixis Oracle
2Matt ArmstrongOmnath Landfall Pod
3-4Joebyn SewellBlue Moon
3-4Nando SmithJund Goblins