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SA: Team Trios @ Good Games Adelaide (24 Players) 23/10/2021 | Deck Lists

Results from the Highlander portion of this Swiss + Cut event: Event Result Link and Finals are pictured here.

Winners: the Adelaide Eternal Team


Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stSarven McLinton“Grubby Thoracle” (GRUB Tempo-Combo)
2ndLuke McGlaughlin“BR Bridesmaid” (Rakdos Aggro)
3rd-4thRob Lark“4c Mentor” (WUBR Tempo-Control)
3rd-4thLiam Whelan“Wund” (wGBR Midrange)
5th-8thLou Richard“Grixis Tempo” (UBR Tempo-Control)
5th-8thDrennen“Grixis Thoracle” (UBR Combo-Control)
5th-8thNathan Simpson“Grixis Moon” (UBR Tempo-Control)
5th-8thStuart Hodge“Black Mould Scratch” (GB Aggro)

Dr Sarven McLinton

Sarven has been playing Magic the Gathering since Stronghold (1998) and is on The Highlander Points Committee. He is well-versed in a wide variety of deck archetypes but remains an avid student of the game. Sarven is a passionate writer and seeks to apply his extensive experience in research and statistics to gaming. By day, 'Dr McLinton' works as a Research Associate at the Centre for Workplace Excellence (CWeX) managing various projects investigating psychosocial factors at work, as well as lecturing Psychology Honours and supervising PhD candidates. By night, 'McLinton Sensei' teaches traditional Japanese Karate in South Australia's premiere sporting centre, the ARC Campbelltown. He holds a 4th-degree black belt and is a gold medalist, competing both nationally and internationally in Karate and Open-style contact tournaments.