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SA: Dragon’s Lair St Mary’s Win-A-Dual 24/02/2024 (26 players) | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

by Dean Kolpin

Win a dual, win a dual, win a dual! It had been quite some time since any store in Adelaide had offered up such an exotic prize for an event. This particular Saturday yielded an assortment of 26 players, new & old players alike. The event took place at Dragons Lair St. Mary’s.

Before proceeding further, I’d like to give two shoutouts, the first to my good friend Raj for always being open to lending me his beloved pile of “Rajunk”. Whilst I am slowly building into the deck, Gaea’s Cradle isn’t cheap. Raj is a central pillar of the Adelaide MtG community & is always willing to provide advice and lend out cards to get people into the format. This is true for the majority of people in the great community also! Big thanks also to Beckett & Michael. The second shout-out is to none other than Phil himself for offering up such a beautiful prize for the event. Phil supports the Adelaide eternal magic scene tremendously & puts in considerable effort behind the scenes to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves. Worth noting that the top 8 lists are in no particular order

Onto the tournament report

Round 1: Naya Midrange 2 – 1 (Tallulah)

Game 1 was over as quickly as it started due entirely to an unanswered mana dork into t2 White Plume Adventurer then ensuring a t3 Undermountain Adventurer. Game 2 resulted in my swift defeat following a t2 Wrenn & Six from my opponent alongside both a Wasteland & Strip Mine t3 thanks to Crop Rotation. Brutal. Game 3 I decided to play Selesnya aggro thanks in part to an exalted Strangleroot Geist against my opponents mull to 5. After a curve out including Skyclave Apparition & a Grist into removal my opponent opted to concede.

Round 2: Grixis Control 2 – 1 (Henry Rasheed)

After a rough mulligan my Knight of the Reliquary took over game 1 getting both Wasteland & Strip Mine to outpace a reanimated Troll of Kazard Doom. Game 2 I lost to keeping a hand with all interaction & no pressure. Opponent having an insane Fury 2 for 1 carried them over the top. My opponent even got to return their Fury after I exiled it with Palace Jailer, not that it really mattered by that point. Game 3 I won the top deck war thanks to Nissa tutoring for Solitude with her 2nd ability. Notably there was a 0% chance of hitting anything but Solitude as my list isn’t playing Deathrite Shaman! What blasphemy!

Round 3: Mono U Bots 2 – 0 (Michael Hearn)

Now this is the player & matchup I lost last time I topped with Junk, as such I am rightfully worried & fully aware of the crazy openings this deck can have. Although this time around my opponent mulliganed to 5 both games. At this point I’m starting to think that simply playing against me is bad luck for my opponents, I think until this point I had opponents mulligan 4 or 5 games in a row!

Game 1 I had an early initiative creature followed by a timely Boseiju on a Nettlecyst to win the board fight. Game 2 my opponent was all in on Palantir of Orthanc which was drawing them cards against my increasing clock. I had a Bowmasters and made the insane mistake of letting them mill 4 and ding me from 14 to 6 thanks to Sundering Titan & 3 lands! First time playing against that card, first and only time making that mistake against MUD I hope.

Rd 4: Grixis Midrange 0 – 2 (Rajdeep Tokhi)

I quiver in fear as I look upon my app and see I’m facing the mighty Raj. A thought crosses my mind that he could get me disqualified by simply asking for his cards back. Funny. Game 1 I got rolled by interaction every turn and killing my turn 1 mana dork. I recall there being either a Tasigur or Murktide that ended the game. Game 2 was very back and forth with mighty top decks & high power plays, ultimately Raj got there thanks to the combination of a flipped Fable of the Mirror Breaker & Dreadhorde Arcanist getting value every turn whilst ensuring my more demanding threats are neutralized. Prior to this event we discussed and agreed to trial cutting Deathrite Shaman to free up the necessary point for Orcish Bowmasters to ensure Nissa hits relevant threats in the mid to late game. Ironically enough, Deathrite Shaman was back with a vengeance during game 2 turn 1. It kept my Tarmogoyf in check, accelerated my opponent on mana & probably dealt me 4 – 6 points of damage total. Brutal.

Rd 5: Intentional draw (0 – 0 – 1) as I was top of the 9 pts & 3rd on standings. Top 8 reasonably solidified. All top 6 ID’ed.

Top 8:

Rd 1: Jund splash W Midrange 0 – 2 (Drennan Millar)

Game 1 was a slog fest with many back and forth top decks. I was trying my hardest to pull ahead with creatures and their respective triggers although a pesky Comet, Stellar Pup with 3 activations in 1 turn broke the board open and allowed Drennan to punch through for the win. There was a Titania, Protector of Argoth from me, Questing Beast from him, Knight of the Reliquary from me & many, many initiative triggers from Drennan. There was an initiative “ultimate” from Drennans side that hit an Oliphant. Game 2 was much the same but with Fury 3-1’ing me to break open the board and allowing a Troll of Khazard-Dúm & Grief to get there. I was waiting for enough mana to overload Winds of Abandon and pray I win the top deck wars with Skullclamp. To aid in enabling this plan I didn’t block his creatures on the last turn of the game figuring if he has the bolt, he wins. Drennan did indeed have the Lightning Bolt. Great games!

Congratulations to the overall winner also, Michael Hearn playing Mono U Bots. The rich truly got richer with this one
Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
Top 8Michael Hearn “Blue Bots”Mono (U) Bots
Top 8Drennan “Jund”Jund
Top 8Rajdeep Tokhi “Bus-stop Grixis”Grixis Midrange 
Top 8Adam Barford “5c Pile”5C Midrange
Top 8Dean Kolpin “Junk”Junk
Top 8Ryan Mitchell “Lurrus White Weenie”White Wheenie
Top 8Liam Whelan “Jund”Jund
Top 8Russell Cutting “Shops”*Deck list incoming…
Dragon's Lair St Mary's Win-A-Dual