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SA: Dragon’s Lair, Salisbury 7 Point Highlander 18/06/2023 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

Fantastic day for 7 point highlander in Adelaide as 20 players rocked up on a pre-release Sunday to throw extra turn spells, red pointed cards, brainstorms, karakases (Karakai? Karakasai?) and initiative idiots at each other! The first event held for the format in SA for 6 months with the last one being in January. The event was a casual 5 round swiss event with a store credit prize structure. I personally piloted my pet deck, Junk, to an average 3-2 finish, unfortunately for me I faced my fair share of Wrenn and six’s and Mawlocs, both cards a deck with several 1 toughness dorks hates to see, although I did get to jam some new cards and can confirm Orcish Bowmasters and Nissa, Resurgent Animist are as bonkers as the kids say they are.

The field was diverse though the points which were seen shared most among the top 8 lists was Ancient Tomb which was seen in Adam Barford, Brad Fielke and Michael Hearn’s lists, but a quick look at the decks shows you that the points spread is wide and several archetypes are represented.

Another note to make about the event that is that 8 point lists have started popping up in Adelaide and we had 4 players on the night who were running no reserved lists deck, the decks were Naya Midrange, UW Balance Miracles, RW Crypt Aggro and BW humans (which top8’d).

Special thanks to Peter Meyer who runs Dragon’s Lair Salisbury for taking a shot and hosting an event on a very busy pre-release weekend and to the community for coming out and jamming games!

SA players can stay tuned for events update in the “Adelaide Eternal League” and “7 Point Highlander” Facebook groups or on the “Event Discussions” Channel on the 7 point discord where either store owners or I will post event updates.

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1Klarke Tresize (Jeskai Mentor)
2Leigh Dugan (Blue Moon)
3.Shane Cutting (Omnath Walks)
4Brad Fielke (Mardu Initiative)
5Michael Hearn (Blue Bots)
6Adam Barford (8 Point BW Humans)
7Soc/Bob Johnson (Esper Doomsday)List To be Updated
8Reece Pruis (Jund Midrange)

Rajdeep Tokhi

Originally from India and now proudly based in Australia since 2017, Raj's passion for Magic: The Gathering ignited with his relocation. He's dedicated to the game, favoring 7 Point Highlander while also exploring Legacy and Modern. Raj's heart lies with creature-centric toolbox strategies, cherishing cards like Green Sun's Zenith, Knight of the Reliquary, and Aether Vial. He firmly considers Thalia, Guardian of Thraben the ultimate 2-drop.