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Online: Barb’s Birthday Bash (Live Webcam via Discord) 04/07/2021 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

After the big performance of the MTGO mox tournament webcammers finally sigh a breathe of relief as we managed to get 8 players for an impromptu event organised through the discord, free to all, proxies encouraged. Build your own set up and join us for next time!

4 Round Swiss, Almost cut to top 4 but timing did not permit so Padraig takes it out with the classic “4-0 drop”.

4-0 – WrUG Yorion
2-1-1 – 5c Cephalid Breakfast
2-1-1 – Abzan Reanimator Lands
2-2 – White Weenie
2-2 – Mono U Flying Men
2-2 – 4c Midrange
1-3 – 4c Zoo
0-4 – Grixis Tempo

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stPadraig5C Midrange
3rdAngusBG Reanimator
4thYanMono White
5thJackMono Blue Tempo
6thJason4C Midrange
7thBarb4C Tribal Zoo
8thJustinGixis Tempo