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International: Saturday Morning 7 Point Highlander – Webcam (14 players via Discord) 11/09/2021 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

Webcam via Discord, no entry fee, proxies allowed. 4 Rounds, cut to Top 4.

Top 4 after swiss:
Thomas on Grixis Tempo beats Socrates on Cephalid Breakfast
Luke on Goblins beats Barb on 4c Zoo
Thomas beats Luke in the finals! Second win in 2 events! Is Grixis good?

Standings after Swiss:
1 Socrates 3-0-1
2 Maxwell 3-1-0
3 Luke 3-1-0
4 Barb 3-1-0
5 Thomas 3-1-0
6 Jake 2-1-1
7 Tyrone 2-2-0
8 Sam 1-2-1
9 Alexander 1-2-1
10 David 1-2-1
11 Bryce 1-2-1
12 S R 1-3-0
13 Angus 0-2-0
14 Aaron 0-3-0

I played another version of Oath Reanimator with Black Lotus, lost one, won one then dropped to go to the park. I like the Vamp tutor more!

– Angus

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stThomasGrixis Tempo
2ndLukeJund Goblins
3rd/4thBarbTribal Flames Zoo
3rd/4thSocratesCephalid Breakfast
5thMaxwellLurrus Thoracle
7thTyroneRW Tokens
8thSamGrixis Tempo
9thAlexanderJund Midrange
11thBryceBUG Midrange
12thS R4c Midrange
13thAngusOath Reanimator

Angus McKay

Angus McKay is a co-founder and content manager for CBR MTG, a community run organisation for magic players and content creators alike. CBR MTG serves as an established platform for the community to show off deck techs, tournament reports and MTG philosophy. They also create Magic The Gathering content and host community run events.