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SA: Good Games Adelaide (20 Players) | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

This was the last SA event pre-Zendikar Points Announcement and we had 20 players jamming Highlander at the Good Games Adelaide store.

Although the whole metagame was actually very diverse, there was still a clear trend in the Top 8 conversion: 3 RUG Tempo or Tempo-hybrid decks and 2 Thoracle combo decks made up 5/8. The remaining decks were unique though: Mardu Midrange, Jund Midrange, and Esper Control! Safe to say there were a lot of Wrenn and Sixes and Mystic Sanctuaries on the day.

Ultimately, Raj took down the event with his innovative take on jamming the best things you can be doing with the current points configuration (A-call, Mystic Sanctuary, Gifts, Thoracle-combo, etc.). It was an awesome Grixis hybrid Combo-Control deck that forgoes Tainted Pact to jam Ancestral Recall, which interacts well with many of the Thoracle tools like Gifts Ungiven, Snapcaster Mage, and Mystic Sanctuary too. He could even run Astrolabe and snow-synergies to pack Blood Moons in the sideboard and punish the greedy midrange decks!

Check out the full decklists for the Top 8 below, which include both powered and unpowered decks as well as two very strong non-blue decks.
– Sarv

Player’s StandingPlayer’s NamePlayer’s Deck List Link
1stRajdeep Tokhi
2ndZachary McDonnell
3rdSarven McLinton
4thRyan Parry
5thSocrates Stavropoulos
6thRob Lark
7thOli Oks
8thTorin Keldermann