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What’s Next for Competitive Highlander in Australia?

7 Point Highlander has held a great space in my heart for many years, having an excuse to travel interstate with friends and getting in those final reps before a Team Unified event at PoG has brought me so much joy.

When everyone can come together for CanCon it is worth celebrating!

For me, the passion grew from playing in tournaments to tournament coverage and organising. Whether it was a weekend proxy event or the Bluebell Cup Top 8 there was always genuine appreciation from the community for filmed Highlander games and tournaments with fun and interesting analysis from commentators.

After the huge success with CanBrawl 1, Josh & Pat’s MTG Bazaar are running it back to bring more competitive highlander to our nation’s capital. Hosted by Jolt Games this event is going to be one to remember. The first CanBrawl saw 70 players, 7 rounds and like 7 lucky door prizes (surely).

With Chromatic Games Sydney recently putting up a Intuition for first place and CanCon 2024 announcing a Mox and Time Walk for the top 2 places it’s obvious that tournament organisers everywhere are excited to devote time and energy (and money) to engage deeper with the competitive Highlander scene. 

CBRMTG will proudly meet this enthusiasm with tournament coverage and live analysis, starting at CanBrawl 2 on the 18th November at Jolt Games in Canberra. If you would like to volunteer your time for technical assistance, scouting or commentating please reach out! We are always looking for more hands on deck. 

The appetite for Highlander content is always strong but something I’ve noticed lately is there has been more people saying they’d like to film live games from their LGS as well. For those interested I can post a “primer” in the future so you too can build a setup for your local LGS. 

As for competitive Highlander after that, keep an eye out for the official 7ph event calendar.

Next big events below: