Sophie Pezzutto

Sophie Pezzutto started playing Magic in 2014 with the release of the first Ravnica block. She started her foray into the competitive Magic scene with Modern, taking great enjoyment in transforming her Celestial Colonnade on turning 54 when she decided it was time to turn the corner. Bringing this play style to the Highlander community with (notoriously slowly played) Grixis Control decks, she eventually was tired of drawing games and pivoted to more tempo-oriented builds such as Izzet Prowess. Sophie's drive for optimisation and enjoyment of Izzet culminated in the creation of "RUG Sprowess". Sprowess integrated pump spells like Scale Up (hence the name) into the Prowess mechanic and was inspired by contemporary infect builds in structure and play style but also by Sophie's desire to cast Ancestral Recall as many times as possible. On weekends she enjoys cycling around Lake Burley Griffin with her family.

Deck Primer: RUG Sprowess in Highlander

Welcome to a deck primer on RUG Sprowess in 7 Point Highlander! In this article we will take a deep dive into RUG Sprowess, which is a representative of the Tempo Strategy in Highlander. You’ll notice a unique fusion of elements from multiple Highlander Archetypes, including Protect the Queen and a blend of principles from Burn and Theme Combo. “Squires throughout the realm aspire to her mix of panache and martial prowess.“ – Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale Want to play an 18/10 double strike and trample creature on turn two? Like the idea of pumping a creature for lethal… Read More »Deck Primer: RUG Sprowess in Highlander