Michael Swann

Mike has been a keen deck-builder and brewer since he started playing during Time Spiral block in 2007. From wild jank piles to novel takes on competitive classics, his roots are firmly planted in the creative side of Magic: The Gathering. As a member of Melbourne’s Faction team, Mike is a strong proponent of 7-Point Highlander and has taken a particular interest in the format’s accessibility. When he’s not tinkering with deck or cube lists, you’ll likely find him at the pub, behind a guitar, or filling his brain with weird trivia from the Internet.


Two-Colour Decks: Competitive Players Vs. Dual Lands

I’m going to jump right out of the gate and say it: 7-Point Highlander is the best constructed format that Magic has to offer. The points system and the fantastic job that The Committee does of maintaining it mean that everyone has a chance to play all of their favourite powerful cards in an environment that is very well balanced and varied. There is high-level competitive play a-plenty, the card pool is vast for brewing, and the power level is tastefully curated enough that you can more or less play any strategy you want without feeling like a fool. The… Read More »Two-Colour Decks: Competitive Players Vs. Dual Lands